Countdown To Illumination ~ Tarot for 15 Feb 2017

Jan Erickson
5 min readFeb 15, 2017

Lots happening with the cards today. I initially drew three cards but given their drama I decided to draw a fourth in case it might be significant. Other than Temperance, the fourth card drawn and from the Major Arcana, all three Minor Arcana cards are odd numbered and move in a descending order from 7 to 5 to 3 giving a counting down feeling. Swords and Wands are represented, Air and Fire the elemental influences. Temperance includes the influence of Water as the angel blends Fire with Water, our creative passion in balance with our emotional presence. The numerology of the small cards is six representing the sacred within, harmony, and balance. The numerology of Temperance is 14 reducing to 5 or change and if added to the six results in eleven, or the Master Builder number for illumination.

The 7 of Swords shows a smiling thief as he runs away carrying five swords. A group of warriors meets in the distance, perhaps planning future battles, their colorful tents arranged about the staging area. The thief’s head is turned to look back at the two remaining swords but his eyes appear closed suggesting deception. His choice of clothing may be a deliberate disguise, appearing as the laughing fool. Clearly, he’s quite amused with himself, believing he’s gained an advantage over the others. So instead of a thief, he may actually be a spy from an adversary, stealing armaments to affect the warriors’ success in battle. Swords is an Air suit and focuses on our intellectual presence. The 7 of Swords ultimately is about a strategy that gives an advantage to one side while reducing that advantage for another.

Playful struggle is the theme of the 5 of Wands as four friends playfully battle each other. Another friend appears to join the group, his staff held high, sounding a warrior’s call. Too young yet for battle, they practice their skills in preparation for the future. Friendly competition is felt between the boys.

The 3 of Swords depicts three swords piercing through a red heart, rain falling from grayish clouds. Three suggests catalytic energy and triple aspects. Typically this card denotes a drama triangle of some sort that has resulted in a broken heart. The falling rain suggests that grief will come and it’s best to allow that process to flow unhindered, accepting reality for what it is. The heart at the center of the card almost radiates irrespective of the swords piercing its center suggesting the heart will survive the drama and illusion created by the intellect or ego. Transformation arises from pain and just like the rain, the drama and pain will pass.

Tarot practitioners will draw additional cards in an effort to clarify anything from an individual card to the whole spread if necessary. After getting the progression I drew, Temperance provides the answer if you will to the smaller cards. To review, Temperance balances our creative passions with our emotional presence facilitating self-control and cooperation with others. We can engage in self-defeating behavior that gets us nowhere or we can plan and create a strategy for success.

The collective heart of our nation is currently experiencing drama the likes of which we’ve not seen before. I have no doubt that the Russian people are lovely, but their government is dangerous and now they appear to be infiltrating our government as well as influencing the outcome of the recent catastrophic election. If the rumors are true and they own the so-called new guy then we’re in for a bumpy ride for a while until this gets resolved which may take until the republicans are out of office because they’ve indicated they’re not interested in investigating other republicans. How convenient.

We can strike out in anger or we can strategize a more appropriate response to the chaos occurring in our government. If the commercials during the Super Bowl are any indication corporations are lending a voice to resistance efforts and will no doubt play an important role in countering his destructive policies. The wolf is not just at the door, but he’s taken up residence in a house he should have been barred from entering. His National Security Advisor has resigned. His Labor Secretary nominee has been pulled as well. He’s heading to Mar a Lago for the third weekend in a row because why stay at the White House when it’s more fun to talk about and brag about classified information within earshot of his wealthy friends. I think we learned from one of them that Rick carries the nuclear football. Nicely done, you orange, clueless, and dangerous douchebag.

But here’s the thing to remember. The so-called new guy’s strategy here might just be to behave as outrageously as possible to distract all of us from what’s really going on. We cannot forget that Russia influenced our election and that Mike Flynn had conversations with Russia while sanctions were in effect. He can’t do that and with any luck will do some prison time for this one. Maybe his former boss can join him.

Today’s reading is encouraging us to strategize but to not become so carried away that we ignore what’s hidden from view. The overall numerology is eleven or illumination, telling us to bring truth to power. The so-called new guy hides behind continual lies, both from his own mouth as well as from the mouths of the nutters he has as spokespeople. Journalists including those from Mother Jones, Daily Kos, and the New York Times, among many others, are doing great work bringing clarity to the situation at hand. We need more of that sort of illumination now.

The counting down feeling I get from the reading suggests his time is running out. The entire world sees this regime for the sham that it is as more and more information is revealed. When faced with the truth he fires the very people tasked with giving it to him, preferring distorted loyalty over integrity.

I mean, if he can’t understand that classified information needs to be viewed in a more secure location than a banquet room dinner table at a golf course…seriously… how did he get elected?

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