Correspondences for Working Magick on Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Jan Erickson
3 min readNov 10, 2021

There are many influences to be considered when crafting a working or ritual. Below are today’s correspondences I recommend for working magick.

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Magickal focus: Mercury governs; communication, interactions, balance, justice, revelation


  • Dawn — healing, new beginnings, study, purification
  • Noon — strength, opportunity, success, protection, wealth
  • Sunset — letting go, release
  • Night — spirituality, aligning with Spirit, healing, dreamwork, visions

Favorable/Unfavorable for Magick: very good — Further recommendations and a look at the rest of the week are both available here.

Sun/Moon Position: The Sun is in Scorpio and Moon is in Aquarius

Numerology: 1 — new beginnings, wholeness, unity, leadership


Elemental Influence: Water (emotions, compassion, empathy) and Earth (material concerns, physical presence) provide the strongest elemental influence today and are in relative balance with each other. Air (intellect, reason, justice, interaction) follows with less of an impact. Fire (will, creativity, motivation) is having no influence at this time.

Rune Divination: Sowilo (ᛋ), Thurisaz (ᚦ), and Isa (ᛁ) comprise today’s rune divination where self-confidence is high and you are focused on the present moment. Although opposition of some kind may be experienced, you have the ability to overcome the situation with clarity and resolve.



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