Correspondences for Working Magick on Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Jan Erickson
3 min readOct 19, 2021

Below are today’s correspondences for working magick.

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Magickal focus: Mars governs, passion, manifestation, creativity, self-assertion, reducing conflict


  • Dawn — healing, new beginnings, study, purification
  • Noon — strength, opportunity, success, protection, wealth
  • Sunset — letting go, release
  • Night — spirituality, aligning with Spirit, healing, dreamwork, visions

Favorable/Unfavorable for Magick: neutral — Further recommendations and a look at the rest of the week are both available here.

Sun/Moon Position: The Sun is in Libra and Moon is in Aries; Maiden phase of the Full Moon

Numerology: 1 — new beginnings, wholeness, unity, leadership, independence, self-determination


Elemental Influence: Elemental Fire (will, creativity, motivation) provides the strongest influence today with Air (intellect, reason, justice, interaction) influencing next. Earth (material concerns, physical presence) and Water (emotions, compassion, empathy) follow with a significantly lesser impact.

Rune Divination: Thurisaz, Algiz, and Nauthiz comprise today’s rune divination where we use the inner will to break through challenges from a higher self perspective. Algiz represents the bridge to higher consciousness that allows us to shift our awareness to a higher level of understanding. Nauthiz, the Norn rune signifying the future, invokes our inner spiritual will to manifest a new path or direction, binding us to a higher collective awareness. Nauthiz allows us to pursue new goals and challenges while…

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