Change From Within and Without ~ Monthly Tarot for October 2017

I apologize for being late with this post. My intention was to have these ready on the first day of the month but with harvest, I’ve not had much time so I posted something on the Kybalion that I’ve had for a week or so and now I can finally sit down and do a monthly tarot reading. It helps that Ancient Aliens is on all day long. I love that show. Between that and Gaia, my penchant for alternative thought is well satiated.

Last month, I used a three card spread for the weekly influences which was exhausting so I thought I would draw a significator for the overall month and then draw two cards, placing one underneath to signify what challenges us and one above that supports us during each week. Two cards from the Major Arcana appear along with two Knights, one each in the first and third weeks of the month. All suits are represented with two cards from each suit other than Pentacles, where only one, and Ace, is present, and the overall numerology is 11 or the Master number for illumination and the subconscious realm.

Beginning with the significator for the overall month, the 7 of Cups depicts seven golden chalices amidst yellowish clouds. Each cup holds symbols found within the tarot, a dragon, a tower, a woman, abundance, a coiled serpent, a wreath, and a mask. Dreams and visions are suggested by the clouds with our focus on many options. Seven itself denotes divinity and magick along with the shadow side of self. Balance is inherent in the seven in that there are three on each side of the one and in my view, seven represents balanced polarity. And although illusion may also be an influence of the 7 of Cups, I interpret it as having many options. After all, according to The Kybalion, the universe is a mental creation, so spending time in thought is how we create the world around us.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the first week, apologies again for that, we’re challenged by the Knight of Rods (Wands) who asks us to allow for some change in our lives, frost no doubt at my house along with cannabis and tomato harvesting. As he looks to the future, the Knight holds his rod over his right shoulder, his helmet’s face shield open so that he can see the path unfolding before him. A lizard adorns his glove while a dragon sits atop his helmet. Self-direction, taking risks, and progress made are among traditional interpretations of this card.

The Hierophant, in the first week’s supportive position, represents mastery gained through divine wisdom. He is the enlightened teacher who conveys hidden knowledge and represents idealism and free will. Two keys appear suggesting the unlocking of hidden knowledge or potential. Although The Hierophant is the fifth card from the Major Arcana, the number three appears in the card in several places signifying creativity and wholeness. Three horizontal sections appear at the top of The Hierophant’s staff, hat, and appear as well on the upper portion of each column. He holds his right hand up with two fingers pointing to heaven, suggesting true wisdom and mastery is found within.

Together, the numerology of the first week is five or change. Looking back over the week, did we understand that what challenges us can also support us? Are we experiencing the mastery that results from meeting challenges through clarity and wisdom?

The only Ace in the reading, the Ace of Pentacles begins week two suggesting that our stability and security may be challenging us. A hand reaches out from some clouds holding a large golden pentacle. Red roses and white lilies adorn the path leading to a green archway that looks out over a body of water. The path is free of obstacles yet the position of this card suggests that we may be getting in the way of our own process.

The 4 of Swords follows with a Knight taking a momentary respite, with four swords suspended in the clouds suggesting a time of reflection is needed, or a healing of one’s mind. Again the numerology of the week is five or change. The cards may be suggesting that this week may require some necessary reflection and that we may have gotten ahead of our own process.

Moving to the third week of October, another Knight/Major combination gives us the Knight of Cups as the challenge and The Emperor as the supportive influence. A romantic and chivalrous young man, the Knight is dressed for battle, yet his face shield is up as with all Knights in the deck, looking eagerly toward the future. He holds a golden chalice in his right hand suggesting a spiritual or intuitive focus. When ill-dignified, the Knight can be ruthless, but when balanced he becomes visionary.

With The Emperor in the week’s supportive position looking toward the Knight, it appears that they’re having a conversation, perhaps a father counseling his son. The Emperor sits stately on his throne, an eagle standing resolutely at his side. He holds a scepter in his left hand and a downward facing sword in the right. Could he be counseling the Knight to be more grounded in his actions? With a numerology of four, which also represents the numerology of the week, The Emperor suggests structure and foundation. It may be that we’re still dealing with some process issues this week and we should not get ahead of ourselves.

A note about the Knight/Major combinations in the first and third weeks. Knights have passion and occasionally that passion gets them into trouble when their egos run amok, so it’s interesting that this energy is balanced by the stronger, more balanced energy of The Hierophant and The Emperor.

Although the fourth week of the month looks like it might be full of conflict, the week’s overall numerology suggests something different. Strength and discipline that result in a well-structured and grounded foundation may be the real message of the week. Initially, we see a group of individuals engaged in some sort of encounter. We don’t see their faces and in other decks, the 5 of Rods (Wands) can indicate playful struggle as well as conflict. Wands represents our catalytic presence and the strength of our will, so this card could indicate that we may experience a struggle this week. But is it an external struggle that we experience, or is it one that is internal?

In the supportive position, the 3 of Swords suggests betrayal. We may find ourselves involved in a drama triangle or some other difficulty. But there’s a glowing yellow light behind the heart pierced by three swords. Clarity exists if we would choose to see it. Our will is challenging our ability to reason and we need to see past the drama of the situation in order that we experience the clarity that inner wisdom brings.

The support cards show the strength of Spirit, taking time to gather our thoughts and heal our mind, and self-discipline. Although we may have been betrayed by others, it may be our own thoughts that betray us and prevent clarity. Given that the universe is mental creation, it would appear that a new perspective may be gained through our experiences this month, one based on inner wisdom and self-discipline. With the overall numerology of eleven or illumination, it would appear that our clarity is found by going within.

I turn sixty in a week. I was born on a Sunday, but this time my birthday is on Friday the 13th. Lots of change. Lots of going within. And all in the best month of the year, October! For me, it begins at Mabon and extends through Samhain. Yes, I’m a greedy witch.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on October 6, 2017.



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Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…