Capricorn Moon Magick ~ 23–25 April 2019

The Moon travels into practical Capricorn and the 4th House of inheritance, fathers, possessions at 3:50 PM PDT on 23 April 2019. Structure is important over the next few days and we may feel compelled toward hard work, possibly around the home. My husband and I are clearing out the garden spaces and creating some new raised beds so that’s what we’ll be doing for the next week or so while we await our two new packages of bees to arrive. The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode ~ Cardinal energies dominate providing us with the ability to initiate projects during this lunar phase.
  • Element ~ In synchronicity with Cardinal energies, the Fire Element continues its influence with Earth or practical matters providing the strongest influence.
  • Ray ~ 1st (will/power), 3rd (active intelligence), and 7th (ceremonial order and magic) Rays provide the strongest influence.
  • Sign ~ Strongest: Capricorn (disciplined, reliable, conscientious, practical/rigid, materialistic) and Gemini (versatile, chatty/superficial, inconsistent).
  • House ~ 4th (home/family), 7th (partnerships/relationships), and 8th (transformation, resources, death) provide the strongest influences.
  • Quadrants ~ 3rd Quadrant — focus on objectivity in relationships; Western Hemisphere — focus on balanced interaction and possibly a role as a mediator.
  • Retrograde ~ Ceres at 14 deg Sag affecting nurturing self and others; Jupiter on 4/10 at 24 deg Sag fostering an inward focus.
  • Lunar Phase ~ Disseminating (135 to 90 degrees behind the Sun), waning


A Capricorn individual relies on structure for emotional security. And with the Moon in Capricorn, we may seem so focused on the task at hand that we appear aloof to others. In the 4th House, home life is unstable, perhaps moving from place to place to find a sense of security. The Moon currently in a medium strength trine with the Sun (Orb 3°29′ Applying) suggests a calm demeanor with the tendency to allow instead of reacting while the same medium square with Venus (Orb 3°58′ Applying) affects our ability to express feelings. In fact, we may find it difficult to make use of the trine with the Sun as our interactions with others are challenged. We may want to make use of the Moon’s trine aspect with Uranus (Orb 2°35′ Applying) to discover new ways of interacting.

A strong opposition with Juno (Orb 1°34′ Applying) reinforces the square with Venus suggesting that nurturance of self and others may be challenged and a square with Chiron (Orb 3°40′ Applying) may leave us feeling unappreciated and wounded. Which brings me to the Grand Cross pattern in today’s chart.

I’m trying to include something about aspect patterns if I find an interesting one that I might be able to interpret. I write the Moon Magick posts not only to let those of a magickal persuasion have some correspondence information for magickal workings but so that I learn more about astrology. I’ve always been interested in aspect patterns, particularly those that seem to provide an underlying tension in the chart. A Grand Cross is one such pattern.

In a Grand Cross, four planets are involved and as you can see in the above graphic (I know…I’m artistically challenged), it combines squares and oppositions. Mars opposes Ceres (Orb 2°01′ Separating) while Neptune opposes the Ascendant (Orb 0°49′ Applying), in this chart, Virgo. From there, Mars squares the Ascendant (Orb 1°24′ Separating) and Neptune (Orb 2°14′ Applying) while Ceres squares the same (Orb 2°01′ Separating). So, challenge is the keyword for the Grand Cross, one that we have no choice but to deal with, and with Mars involved, potential tension is introduced surrounding nurturing along with the conflict between an inner versus outer focus. The Ascendant in Virgo suggests someone who is introverted and we can see how Mars may feel frustrated by that perceived lack of energy. On the other hand, while Mars square Neptune suggests a positive and engaging expression of authority we may find that need satisfied by the expression of quiet authority.

Ceres reflects the need for nurturance of self and others and in opposition with Mars, we may feel unable to assert ourselves without fearing the loss of support from others. Or, in square with Neptune, we may lack boundaries and feel drawn to people with vampiric energy.

Mars motivates but not always in an appropriate manner. It seems like the primary challenge of this Grand Cross is to learn how to interact with others in a way that initiates while maintaining healthy boundaries. If applying to career, Mars conjunct the Midheaven indicates self-confidence but it may be at odds with the introverted energy of the Ascendant. Conversely, it could also provide the impetus to move out of one’s comfort zone.

Magickal Workings

Consulting the Quality of the Days in Witch Notes, we find that the 23rd is very good for magick while the 24th and 25th are considered to be very bad. That said, there are always workarounds, but it is what it is and a witch does what a witch does. Tuesday involves Mars and energy. Given the waning phase of the moon, however, we might want to take care how much initiating energy we want to invoke unless it’s concerning letting go of something that we really need to let go of. If you know what I mean. Caadaldeba, the 22nd Mansion, can be of help in healing rituals, and the hour of Sunset would be appropriate for such a ritual.

Balancing inner energy with external expectation can be difficult, particularly when boundaries are threatened or unclear. Striking that balance may feel impossible when dealing with others who appear as our polar opposites. So, if tensions arise over who dominates, allow yourself to step back, if only to ensure healthy boundaries are maintained and the input of others is respected.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings!

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Originally published at on April 23, 2019.



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