Cancer Moon ~ 8–10 May 2019

My mother’s birthday was May 8th. She passed in 1996, a month before her sixty-sixth birthday. With Mother’s Day approaching, and the Moon transiting on her birthday and in the natal sign of her only great-grandchild, this one’s for my mother. Mothering isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s both amazing and heartbreaking, often at the same time. Our children challenge us to be better and seem all too willing to leave us in the dust when we fail. Perception’s a bitch, as it were, and we didn’t have enough time, my mother and I, to work through all that plagued us. She was ill at the end of her life, and I was so blessed to be there for her. Mothers and daughters…almost as complicated as mothers and sons.

The Moon travels into Cancer and the 5th House of children, pleasure, and love at 2:07 AM PDT on 8 May 2019. Home and hearth are important during this lunar transit as is having some fun. However, a need for some quiet time may overshadow interactions with others. Allow for nurturance by self or others if feeling vulnerable or if emotions are in flux. I’m also including Human Design transits and both bodygrams in the chart information section and both bodygrams along with the chart appear below.

Chart Information

  • Mode — Initiating and assertive Cardinal energies are strongest. Cardinal signs include Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Control issues may surface.
  • Elements — Air appears to be in a weakened state suggesting indecision and a lack of focus. However, the remainder of Elemental energies appear to be in balance.
  • Rays — 3rd (Active Intelligence), 4th (Harmony through Conflict), and 7th (Ceremonial Order and Magick) provide the strongest Ray influences. Ideas are implemented that serve society while a balanced interaction or expression is favored.
  • Sign — Taurus — stable, value-oriented, stubborn.
  • House — 2nd (resources) and 5th (children, pleasure)
  • Quadrants — 1st quadrant — independent nature with strong organizational skills.
  • Retrograde — Ceres at 14° Sag affecting nurturing self and others; Jupiter on 4/10 at 24° Sag fostering an inward focus; Pluto at 23° Cap reinforcing Jupiters inward, reflective focus.
  • I Ching/Human Design — 5/8 — Gate 12 Line 3 Confession suggests the awareness present to undergo self-analysis if needed; 5/9 — Gate 52 Line 5 Explanation indicates the ability to explain oneself to others. See both bodygrams below this section for additional transit gates.
  • Lunar Phase — New, waxing


Sextiles with Mercury (Orb 2°59′ Applying) and Uranus (Orb 3°24′ Applying) indicate a willingness to express ourselves over the next lunar period. However, a conjunction with Mars (Orb 5°01′ Separating), although weak, suggests some impulse control issues may surface, so be aware that interactions with others could be challenging. A square with Chiron (Orb 4°23′ Applying) instructs us to rise above our own woundings to avoid any perception-based misunderstandings. Referring to the Human Design lunar transits in the above section, we at least possess the awareness for self-analysis should we experience challenges. Additionally, reinforced by the sextiles with Mercury and Uranus, we should have no difficulty explaining our position as long as we keep any impulsive comments at bay.

Magickal Workings

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it might be nice to work a little magick on behalf of the mother in your life. Workings to bring the family together are favored and Annathra, the 8th Mansion of the Moon, active on the 8th, can assist the witch to promote love and harmony. However, avoid such a working on the 9th when Atarf is active given its harmful impact. Use Mercury’s influence on the 9th to improve communication and clarity.

Again, if vulnerabilities or difficult emotions surface, allow for some quiet time to sort out feelings. Clarity can be achieved with some objective self-analysis, however, it also doesn’t hurt to call your mom or a mother-figure in your life for some wise counsel. And if she’s passed through the veil onto new experiences, like my own Mother, don’t leave her out of the conversation. She’ll hear you and respond with all the love you remember and need.

Mothers are like that.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings!


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