Cancer Moon ~ 29–31 July 2019

The Moon travels into compassionate Cancer and the 12th House of fear, restriction, and unseen forces at 4:31 AM PDT on 29 July 2019. The 12th House reinforces the tendency toward seclusion, so seek shelter from the storm over the next few days. Retreat if stressed to a more comfortable space, likely your home. The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode/Quality — both initiating (Cardinal) and stable (Fixed) energies dominate
  • Element — emotions, change, unstable energies are in play with Elemental Water in the strongest position. Our will (Fire) may provide some challenges.
  • Rays — 1st (Will/Power), 3rd (Active Intelligence), 5th (Concrete Knowledge), and the 7th (Ceremonial Order/Magic) are active suggesting an organized and structured approach to manifesting.
  • Signs — Cancer and Leo provide the strongest influences, aligning with both Elemental Water (emotions) and Fire (will) influences.
  • Houses — 1st (self) and 7th (partnerships) provide strong influences, perhaps surrounding how we interact with others

Aspects of the Moon

  • Square Chiron — Orb 5°45′ Applying suggests feeling misunderstood by others, stemming from a complicated relationship with one’s mother
  • Quincunx Ceres — Orb 0°54′ Applying describes problematic relationships with women reinforcing wounding felt from the square with Chiron. Emotional integration with women may be challenging.
  • Square the Midheaven — Orb 1°44′ Applying indicates an emotional component to career choice and the need to find work that leaves us feeling emotionally satisfied and secure.
  • Human Design/I Ching influences — 7/29 Gate 15 Line 2 Influence describing standards of action that rely on temperance and right action. Channel of Rhythm (being in the flow) is active; 7/30 Gate 39 Line 6 The Troubleshooter describes a gift for problem-solving. The Channel of the Alpha reinforces this skill with the emphasis on leadership skills.
  • Retrograde — Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode), Mercury (disruptions in thinking, plans, electronics).
  • Lunar Phase — Balsamic — waning; Aquarids meteor shower — peak viewing is between midnight and the early hours of the 29th.

Aspects and Influences

If stress becomes too much, allow yourself to retreat this weekend until strength returns. In fact, with Jupiter continuing its retrograde influence, the next few days may provide the space for some inner work to reassess old wounding that may be preventing successful interactions or relationships with others.

The Moon’s quincunx with Ceres continues to describe a period where relationships with women may be challenged or stressed, primarily centering on how we process emotions. A square with Chiron is also affecting how nurtured we feel in our relationships with women and how well we’re able to nurture others.

This may sound harsh, but it’s vital that we move out of the pity party and into the light. Because that’s what often happens when we focus too much on the past and in this case past wounds. Typically any memories of such are distorted at least on some level if not entirely so to rely on them distracts from moving forward in a more collective and emotionally satisfying experience with others.

With Elemental Water influencing, our emotions may be at the surface, but the other factor in play is the ability to change, so drop resistance if difficult emotions surface. Allow for the possibility of a new response, a new choice and see if that doesn’t create a better experience.

Magickal Workings

Purification and alignment workings may be in order if emotions are in flux over the next few days. Seek out the perspective of the Crone in your life if a more realistic viewpoint is required. Or work a spell for alignment and allowing.

Saturday magicks can take a restrictive focus if circumstances become out of control and dare I suggest a self-binding spell to settle a witch down if emotions become too unstable. At a minimum, return to a still point and dissolve any troublesome energetic channels that may be causing grief. Shield to prevent their reappearance. Remember that we create these channels any time we think a thought or engage with others and we can define their existence.

Sunday’s workings will likely take a purification and healing focus if emotions have been unstable on Saturday. White and silver candles are effective as are green and pink for stabilizing and healing emotions. If working herb magick, flowers such as roses and calendula may be used as can angelica and juniper for healing and purification.

Summing up…

We cannot change others, only ourselves. I know that sounds trite or cliche but it’s the truth. How much our past woundings affect our current experience is really up to us. And although it would certainly be nice, it’s not on others to provide for our own happiness.

When we become caught up in the past, we distort the present with those memories. And that rarely works out well for anyone concerned. With women targeted now by any number of men in our country including the occupant of the White House, we need to resolve any differences that exist with the understanding that all we have now is each other.

Draw back from an egoic response into that which creates experiences from Source Vision. Our woundings offer lessons that can both hurt and inform. Bless them for the message they teach and then let them go. They’re no longer necessary and it’s time to come together and support each other, particularly now as the insults, taunts, and abuse from men who should know better continue in earnest.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings!

Originally published at on July 28, 2019.



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