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Monday’s reading dealt with partnership and boundaries while today’s reading involves how one deals with betrayal, so there could be some synchronicity between the two readings. I’ve posted both together over at my blog, Stepping Aside as one post if you’re interested in checking that out.

Today’s runes were Nauthiz and Albus. Both runes indicate higher awareness and inner wisdom. Nauthiz, one of three Norn runes in the Elder Futhark, represents the inner friction or inner will to manifest something new. Of the three Norn runes, Nauthiz is considered a rune of the future. Albus represents the sage, or wisdom and clarity, so again, this is not an ego-oriented rune as with Rubeus, the counterpart of Albus. Whereas Rubeus represents a misuse of force, Albus represents the clarity or wisdom within to understand the greater picture.

Today’s cards were The Magician, the 3 of Swords, and The Chariot. Given that both runes reflect higher awareness, the presence of two cards from the Major Arcana surrounding the 3 of Swords seems to suggest that it will be higher awareness that will see you through the betrayal reflected in the 3. And with the overall numerology of two, issues of healing, love, balance, reciprocity, and decisions may come into play.

The Magician assumes an as above, so below stance with one hand holding a scroll to heaven while the other hand points downward to the earth. A table with his magickal tools is in front of him while roses and lilies are on the ground around his feet, with rose garlands appearing above him. His tools, the wand, the cup, the sword, and the pentacle also represent the four elements as well as the four suits of the Tarot: Fire/Wands, Water/Cups, Air/Swords, and Earth/Pentacles. Like today’s rune, Nauthiz, The Magician represents the development of will as well as alchemical balance. It represents our life force, inspiration, and manifesting our experiences in energetic balance.

Next, the 3 of Swords defines the catalyst in the reading: betrayal of some kind. It’s here that the linkage occurs between today’s reading and the reading from Monday involving partnership and boundaries. That reading suggested that a new partnership may need its boundaries defined and either the 3 of Swords is suggesting the reason for it, or it could have nothing at all to do with Monday’s reading and this is a new and…

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