Balanced Polarity and Successful Outcomes ~ Tarot for 7 June 2018

Jan Erickson
5 min readJun 7, 2018

With the presence of three 8’s, practical matters and structure seem to dominate today’s six card reading using the Haindl Tarot deck. Two cards are from the Major Arcana, The Lovers and The Sun, while Swords, Cups, and Stones appear as well. Absent from the reading is a representation of the Fire element. The overall numerology is three or triple aspects and wholeness.

I like this spread because it gives me three initial general influence cards with two cards representing what challenges and what supports along with a final card as an overall outcome. The reading begins and ends with Cups with Failure the title of the 8 of Cups and Parsival, a Knight of the Round Table, representing the Prince of Cups.

General Influences

In a departure from traditional tarot decks, the 8 of Cups illustrates 8 golden chalices in all manner of disarray. Failure is its title and its hexagram from the I Ching indicates decrease and contraction suggesting that through limitation, true potential is revealed. It’s unclear the nature of the serpent-like creature that winds through the cups although he gives the scene a curious look. Perhaps it represents transformation, clearing out chaotic emotions to be replaced by something more balanced. Traditional depictions illustrate a cloaked individual walking away from overturned cups suggesting that we’re letting go of emotions which no longer serve us and in a sense this card does the same. Transformation is oftentimes messy but ultimately well worth the process.

Haindl’s depiction of The Lovers is both complicated and stunning. Two people appear nude on the front of the card between two slender trees representing the Trees of Life and Knowledge. The woman represents the Goddess, her hair appearing rock-like depicting her ancient countenance. They both reach for the golden chalice between them contributing to balanced polarity within. A red rose fills a Merkaba, leaves emerging from each tip. An arrow points downward into the chalice bringing in the strength of Spirit while a unicorn looks on smiling from above. The sixth card from the Major Arcana, The Lovers depicts duality and choice, and the self expressed in others. It represents the unity of opposites as well as integration.

Material Gain is the title of the 9 of Stones (Pentacles, Disks, or Coins in other decks). We see nine boulders, with five acting as a stable foundation in the lower half of the card. Possession of Great Measure is the title of the I Ching hexagram asking us to balance arrogance with humility in an effort to empower self and others instead of simply executing power alone. Nine a number of completion, this representation of material gain seems settled and secure.

Balance and a willingness to let go of emotions that get in the way of success seem to be the theme of the general influences of today’s reading. The overall numerology of this section is five or change, so it appears that for the next few days we may need to let go of emotions that are interfering with our success or happiness.

Challenge and Support

Here we have an interesting synchronicity or pattern. We began with an 8 in the 8 of Cups and now both cards that challenge and support are also 8’s. The 8 of Swords is obvious, but The Sun, the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana must be reduced to see the 8. Together, the overall numerology is seven, or magick, divinity, and intuition and suggest an energetic balance between the two cards. Odd, given its Interference versus The Sun, but we’ll see if a closer look bears this out.

Biting Through is the title of the I Ching hexagram on the 8 of Swords. We see eight swords piercing two bare trees in a basket-weave pattern. As much as we want to find a peaceful solution to a problem when someone is interfering or being difficult, we might need to express ourselves forcefully to gain back our control. Externally, this can mean that our challenge may lie in finding a way through interference by others. Internally, however, it can mean finding a way through our own scattered and conflicting thoughts and decisions. We’ll need a strategy, some persistence, and the choice to stand in our own power.

The Sun in the position of support provides us with the clarity and the vitality necessary to push past any interference to achieve our success. Again we see a large rose as we did earlier with The Lovers. A large sun shines brilliantly in the sky above. A new day dawns full of happiness and abundance. Traditional interpretations include material happiness, rebirth, and awakening. So the energetic balance that exists between the two cards is real with each on opposing ends of the spectrum. We experience some interference but have the ability to see it for what it is and move past it.


Parcival, a Knight of the Round Table, represents the Prince of Cups. A romantic and chivalrous young man, Parcival represents the integration of the Divine Feminine within. He is both passionate and ruthless. A visionary figure, the Prince of Cups is off on his quest, protecting the Grail at all costs. The outcome card continues the energy of The Lovers, integrating polarity within. At the beginning of the reading, our emotions were all over the place and not serving us well. It’s clear that happiness, as well as material gain, is achieved when our emotions are balanced with our intellect, where one isn’t working against the other. So for the next few days, let’s pay attention to the polarity within, allowing the receptive or feminine side to inform us and the projective or masculine side to initiate our course.

Blessings to all!

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