Autumn Equinox Magick

This year, the Autumn Equinox occurs at 12:50 AM PDT on Monday, 23 September. Also known as Mabon to pagans and witches, this is a time to celebrate . Daylight and nighttime hours are equal and magicks focusing on balance and transition can be worked at this time.

Mabon is one of eight Wiccan Sabbats or holidays, and one of four that center on Solstices and Equinoxes. Maybe it’s because I’m not Wiccan, but I tend to prefer the Esbat (Moon) rituals to the eight Sabbats, relating to the Sabbats as seasonal occurrences that affect what I can plant and when. So, other than Samhain (Halloween), they’re typically garden or harvest-related.

The Solstices and Equinoxes express light time, the Solstices dealing with the shortest or longest day of the year and the Equinoxes expressing light and dark in balance. I suppose I like the energy of those balanced moments, even when they occur at 12:50 AM.

Given how out of balance we are with each other, I’ve decided to work a spell to bring energies back into resonance, fostering healing in the process. The country, if not the world, is experiencing a collective form of PTSD whereby we’re all on edge or alert for the next crisis brought on by someone so unfit and ignorant that he telegraphs all of his apparent crimes both verbally and on social media.

Although the daily stress is difficult to endure, it’s a good thing he’s so public, even with its damaging effect on the citizenry. At least prosecutors in the future will have everything they need, handed to them on a golden platter by the impulse control-challenged occupant of the White House. But in the meantime, I need to create a spell to cast on Monday.

I plan to ground as well as balance energies, so after casting a circle and performing a protection ritual, I will face a northern direction to invoke Earth energies.

I will stand at a symbolic crossroad where two pathways cross on my property under apple, juniper, and cherry trees. There is special power in places such as this and I’ll use it to bring both the vertical and horizontal planes into balance.

If we visualize a cross symbol, its vertical axis represents Spirit balanced with Form while the horizontal axis represents form-based polarity, i.e. dark/light, masculine/feminine, projective/receptive, among other examples. It’s in the center point of the cross where humanity collectively stands as it focuses its awareness into manifesting the collective experience we all share.

The goal of the working then is to balance the focus of collective consciousness into one that is more harmonious than what we’re currently experiencing. Our soul’s journey isn’t dependent upon conflict, only awareness. If we allow Higher Self to control our manifestation, then our experience is based on a greater level of understanding than the ego/personality can provide. In other words, we ultimately understand that we are energetically one with All that Is and, in turn, with each other. Our reactions reflect that truth instead of hostility predicated on judgment.

Given the late hour, I’ll have already set up a table at the site with black and white candles signifying dark and light. I’ll include black stones such as black tourmaline, obsidian, shungite, and hematite to assist in grounding energies and white stones such as selenite, apophyllite, and moonstone to assist in transforming dark to light.

Apples have fallen around the crossroad site and I’ll use them to represent harmony and healing. I’ll use calendula flowers for illumination and truth and red clover to promote understanding.

I’ll invoke Hecate, the Goddess of the Crossroads, for protection, justice, and understanding as I place a hag’s taper (mullein), comfrey, and dandelion on the table as well. Hawthorn berries for Lilith’s primal influence will be scattered about with lavender and Athena’s effect on clear communication rounding out the triple Goddess influence.

I love copal for purification and I’ll burn it on a piece of ritual charcoal in the cauldron. I may also include some dragon’s blood for clarity as well as some fresh juniper resin for protection.

And at 12:50 AM, I’ll face north and cast the following intention:

  • Light and dark become one
  • I invoke balance between all
  • So Blessed are we!
  • Join hearts together
  • I invoke understanding between all
  • So Blessed are we!
  • Align thoughts together
  • I invoke clarity between all
  • So Blessed are we!
  • As light and dark become one
  • I invoke unity between all
  • So Blessed are we!

And when I’m ready, I’ll close out the ritual by thanking the Goddesses and releasing the Elemental energies representing the quarters. I’ll release the circle and return the site to its original state.

Equinox magicks can take various forms. With their seasonal placement, rituals for Spring’s new growth and Fall’s harvest are appropriate as well. But for me, I prefer to align with the energy of the exact moment of the equinox and cast any intention at that special time.

Even at 12:50 AM.

So, witch up! If you want to join in with me and cast your own intention of balance and unified presence with all, amazing things may just happen!

And we could all use some of that…



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