Astrological Correspondences for Magick: 28 May-3 June 2023

Jan Erickson
6 min readMay 28

Below are the corresponding astrological energies for working magick as well as the current transit charts for the week. ~ et incipit magia


  • Dawn: healing, new beginnings, study, purification
  • Noon: strength, opportunity, success, protection, wealth
  • Sunset: letting go, release
  • Night: spirituality, aligning with Spirit, healing, dreamwork, visions

Cosmic Rays

  • 1st — will/power
  • 2nd — love/wisdom
  • 3rd — active intelligence
  • 4th — harmony through conflict
  • 5th — concrete science and knowledge
  • 6th — devotion/idealism
  • 7th — ceremonial magic and order

Sunday 28 May 2023

Magickal focus: clarity, truth, healing, courage, removing barriers, leadership

  • Numerology: 1 — Uniqueness, Freedom, Talent, Governance, Leadership, and Revolution
  • The Sun in Gemini
  • The Moon in Virgo
  • Moon Void of Course: None
  • Planetary governance: The Sun ☉
  • Governing Planet Ray — 2nd (love/wisdom): Strongest Ray: 2nd, 6th
  • Elemental Balance: In order of strength: Water, Earth, Fire, Air
  • Lunar Phase: Waxing (magicks of increase); 1st Qtr (leadership skills are strong with high expectations of others)
  • Mansion of the Moon: 14th Azimeth (Al Simak) 17°Vi8; the spike of Virgo; fosters marital love, heals the sick, increases sailor’s profits; prevents overland travel
  • Retrograde Planets: Pluto
  • Planets Out of Bounds: Venus +24°18’
May 28, 2023 transit chart including transit wheel, lunar phases, elements, modes, planetary hours, retrograde info, Rays, and Moon Mansions

Monday, 29 May 2023

Magickal focus: The Moon governs; feminine magicks, healing, intuition, cycles, reincarnation, astral travel, balance, change

  • Numerology: 11 — awakening…
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