As Above, So Below: Transforming Perception

Jan Erickson
3 min readMay 18

Below are the reading notes for today’s As Above, So Below reading. Click here to watch the video.

Today’s runes were Inguz ᛜ and Via. Inguz represents the seed, fertility, manifestation, and the sudden release of energy, while Via represents a new path. However, Via can also mean being stuck in a particular perception, so there’s also a feeling of committed rigidity with Via.

The 7 of Cups, The Moon, and The Wheel of Fortune are today’s cards, so we have two from the Major Arcana and one from the suit of Cups which reflects the Water element. And we have an overall numerology of eight for the cards which suggests strength, material recognition/approval, and leadership.

Beginning with the 7 of Cups, we see a figure in silhouette looking at seven cups appearing within dark clouds containing a variety of items. The 7 of Cups typically describes a person whose head is in the clouds, or who desires things that are unrealistic. Relating this to both Inguz and Via, it may be that you’ve been caught up in some unrealistic perceptions that are preventing you from manifesting a successful path or outcome and some kind of shift in perception is necessary.

The Moon is next in the spread showing a wolf and a dog barking at the Moon above in the night sky. A pathway winds between the canines from the pond below to the mountains above, while a tower appears on each side of the card. A crayfish appears to crawl out of the water as if beginning a new path of its own.

Both balance and transformation/renewal are evident throughout the Moon card. Balance is reflected by the two towers, the balance between dark and light with the dog and wolf, as well as the path that splits the scene into two halves. Transformation and renewal are reflected by the crayfish shedding its skin, much like a lobster does. And with both illusion and deception also an aspect of The Moon, perhaps both The Moon and the 7 of Cups are describing either some self-deception is in play or possibly deception from someone else that’s been influencing you.

Lastly, The Wheel of Fortune describes success, fortune, cycles, and the turning of the wheel. It’s the effect of manifestation, of choices that you’ve made along the way that’s yielded positive results. It relates well to…

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