As Above, So Below for Thursday, 14 September 2023

Jan Erickson
3 min readSep 14

Below are the reading notes from today’s As Above, So Below reading. You’re welcome to watch the video here.

Reading Notes:

Significator runes: Gebo (7th rune, partnership, reciprocity, marriage, balanced energy exchange), Carcer (self-imprisonment, restriction)

Cards 7 of Wands (7, Fire, Minor Arcana), The High Priestess (2, Major Arcana), The Emperor (4, Major Arcana)

Overall numerology: 7+7=14=5 2+4=6 5+6=11 (Master number for awakening, enlightenment, spirituality)

Beginning with the runes, Gebo involves engaging in harmony and balance with others. Carcer, on the other hand, involves self-imprisonment or self-restriction. It’s staying within the bubble of your own perceptions and not stepping outside your own comfort zone. And it’s interesting that we’ve recently had Carcer in readings three other times. I didn’t see the one from 8/31 when I looked back at the other readings, but it’s there along with on Monday the 4th, and again on last Monday as well. So it looks like we’ve been dealing with stepping outside our comfort zones in one way or another for a while now.

The overall numerology for the reading is the Master Number 11 which implies awakening or illumination. How it might apply to the significators of the reading could involves becoming aware of how self-restriction can really interfere with your own happiness and when engaging in reciprocity with others.

Moving on to the cards, the 7 of Wands depicts a man holding a staff while standing on higher ground. Six staffs are below him and it appears that he’s defending himself (his ideas, choices, decisions, his success) against whoever is holding onto them below. He’s above them so that he can see the nature of what he’s dealing with. Considering the energy of Carcer in the reading, it could be that although he’s standing up for himself, in the past, that might have been difficult. So, in standing up for himself and defending his position, he’s stepping outside his comfort zone to do that. Because, if he doesn’t do that, then his voice, which matters, isn’t heard.

As soul-archetype cards, the remaining two cards in the reading from the Major Arcana imply that higher awareness is giving you the tools to…

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