As Above, So Below for Monday, 29 May 2023

Jan Erickson
4 min readMay 29

The reading notes for today’s As Above, So Below reading on YouTube are below. Click here to watch the video!

Reading Notes:

Today’s significator runes are Othala and Conjunctio. An Earth element rune, Othala is an as above, so below rune comprised by Kenaz in the form of Inguz ᛜ at the top and Gebo ᚷ at the bottom of the rune, suggesting that the light of Spirit manifests or invokes our experiences which we then express in the form of higher awareness outward to others. It describes our sacred space, inheritance, ancestral heritage, loyalty, tradition, prosperity, and possessions, while Conjunctio describes joining, union, collaboration, or agreements made. Together, the runes suggest that there could be some sort of an agreement or unity necessary to increase our material/physical security to or preserve our shared tradition or something to that effect that should include higher awareness as part of that agreement.

The 2 of Pentacles, Page of Cups, and The High Priestess comprise today’s cards and together they have a four numerology representing grounding, foundation, structure, and practicality. There is one card from Pentacles reflecting the Earth element, one from Cups reflecting the Water element and the Court, and the High Priestess is from the Major Arcana with Elemental Water as its strongest elemental influence. There’s an overall numerology of four, an earthy number that involves practicality, responsibility, our structure and foundation, and how grounded we are. From a visual perspective, we see a pattern involving 2 on each side of the Page, so some kind of balance is necessary.

Beginning with the 2 of Pentacles, we see a juggler holding a coin in each hand with a lemniscate (figure eight) surrounding each coin. The 2 numerology of the card indicates balance, decisions, love, and integration, but with the 2 of Pentacles, it appears to involve making a decision that involves his own material or physical security (employment, career, family/personal security). He stands on one foot while appearing to weigh or juggle one choice against another. The large waves in the water behind him show two ships making their way across the unstable ocean suggesting a strong emotional component to the decision he needs to make.

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