As Above, So Below for Monday, 20 November 2023

Jan Erickson
4 min readNov 20, 2023

NOTE: Due to Thanksgiving on Thursday, there will be no reading that day.

The reading notes for today’s reading are below. You’re welcome to watch the video here.

Significator runes: Gebo (7th rune, Water element, balanced energy exchange, link, marriage, partnership, gift, reciprocity); Puella (young girl, scattered focus, positive, happy, curious, emotional)

Cards: The Hierophant (5), 7 of Pentacles, The Emperor (4)

Patterns: Two 7’s from Gebo and the 7 of Pentacles, balance reflected in today’s 2 numerology (20) as well as with the 7.

Overall numerology: 7+5+7+4=23; 2+3=5 (change, freedom vs restriction, protection, variety, innovation)

Beginning with today’s significator runes, on the As Above side of the equation, Gebo, the 7th rune from the Elder Futhark, describes the gift of reciprocity of balanced energy with others. It represents marriage, partnership, or a link between you and others. It’s foundational runes are Isa and Kenaz. Isa is the Norn rune of the present moment and Kenaz describes the torch or light of spirit. So, realistically, when we see Gebo in a reading it really is expressing or radiating spirit in your interactions with others. Puella, the ego or Below side of the equation, describes youthful female energy that is happy and positive, but sometimes has a scattered focus. So it may be that the balance you project is not as focused as it needs to be.

Like Gebo, today’s numerology for the day (20) is two and also represents balance as well as decisions and the need to let things settle out and come into focus so that you can have a better understanding about something especially if a decision needs to be made.

Looking at the cards, we have two cards from the Major Arcana which are considered as soul-archetype cards. So, right away, there is a higher self influence in the reading. And whenever I have two cards from the Major Arcana in a three card reading, I like to use them as guidance cards, so to speak, and begin with the 3rd card as the focus. In this case, it’s the 7 of Pentacles.

In the 7 of Pentacles, we see a farmer leaning on his hoe and taking stock of his grape crop. There are six pentacles on the surface of…



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