As Above, So Below for Friday, 22 September 2023

Jan Erickson
3 min readSep 22

Below are the reading notes from today’s As Above, So Below reading. You’re welcome to watch the video here.

Significator runes: Gebo (7th rune, gift, reciprocity, balanced energy, partnership, marriage), Rubeus (misuse of force, manipulation, oppression)

Cards 7 of Pentacles (7, Earth, Minor Arcana), Death (13, Major Arcana), The King of Pentacles (Court, Minor Arcana)

Overall numerology: 7+7+13 = 27 = 9 (endings, completion, generosity) or when looking only at the cards: 7+11 (higher vibratory Master number for the awakening, enlightenment, spirituality). And with today’s 22 numerology, we also have a 22 Master number for the Cosmic Builder, or profound soul-level manifestation or change.

Additional energies today involves the time of Equinox at 11:50 PDT when the length of day and night hours are equal. So, there’s a sense of energetic balance there as well as with Gebo. And note that there is a run on Pentacles in today’s reading with both the 7 and the King involving Earth element energies.

Beginning with Gebo as the above influence today, the seventh rune of the Elder Futhark describes the gift of marriage, partnership, and reciprocity with others, while Rubeus, the geomancy rune for the below influence, describes a misuse of force, or behavior that is manipulative. Rubeus could be indicating letting go of that impulse inside you, or it could be referring to someone else in your life. However, taken together, the runes suggests that in order that you can engage in balance or reciprocity with others, you need to control the ego within and allow the light of higher awareness to guide your choices.

Moving on to today’s cards, we begin with the 7 of Pentacles, where we see a farmer leaning on his rake or hoe and looking at the how well his grapes are growing. He’s taking stock of what he has thus far and he’s thinking about whether or not he needs to do more or can he be satisfied with what he has. From a more personal standpoint, what strength can you draw from that can express Gebo in your life and reinforce a more balanced and respectful relationship with others? Is that part of your existing nature or have you been engaging in a manner that is more self-oriented that tends to express the manipulative energy…

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