As Above, So Below: A New Day Begins

Jan Erickson
3 min readMay 22

The reading notes for today’s As Above, So Below reading follow below. Click here to watch the video.

Today’s runes were Dagaz ᛞ and Fortuna Minor. Dagaz represents a new day dawning with one period ending and a new one beginning. Fortuna Minor essentially describes lesser fortune, or a progressive type of success. So we can initially say that while one period is ending, a new one is beginning that may progress in stages (successfully) before the final success or positive outcome at the end of that process.

Two cards from the Major Arcana (Wheel of Fortune and Temperance) are present in today’s reading as is the King of Swords from the suit of Swords (Air Element) and the Court. The overall numerology for the reading is six or empathy, guidance, assistance, shared path, and harmony.

Beginning with the Wheel of Fortune, card 10 from the Major Arcana, along with a one numerology for the card, Dagaz is experienced here, with a sense of new beginnings as the Wheel turns. Although the Wheel of Fortune represents fortune and prosperity, it also represents the cyclical nature of our lives and experiences as well as movement, so this card also aligns well with Fortuna Minor. Note: when I was describing the card, it looked to me like either the glyph for Pluto or Mercury was evident on the card, but it wasn’t Pluto…it was Mercury, and I think I settled on Pluto, but that wasn’t correct.

From there, we move to Temperance, card 14 from the Major Arcana, that depicts an angel with one foot on the land and one in the water, pouring water between two golden cups. A path winds between the mountains and the pond and we see it begin between two mountain peaks as the Sun rises between them. Water irises grow by the pond’s edge. Temperance describes balancing will with emotion. So, as one period ends and a new one begins, Temperance is suggesting that you take a measured approach to that process, especially if it’s something that’s progressive in nature. Patience is necessary to reach your final goal.

Along the way, you may need a wise advisor or mentor, and the King of Swords may be that individual, or the card may be suggesting that you may need to adopt a strategic, reasoned approach to what you’re doing. You may need to see the situation clearly and the King is someone who cuts through deception as shown by the dissipating darker clouds behind him. Swords reflect the Air element, so the suit describes issues of communication, reason, knowledge, deception, justice, and logic. So, either you need to incorporate those elements into your plans or decisions, or you need to be willing along the way to seek counsel when needed.

Ultimately, today’s reading is suggesting that as a new period is beginning in your life, you may need a measured approach to the steps that are needed before you can reach the final outcome. Clearly, the reading has a positive message, as it implies success along the way.

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