Aquarius Moon — 17–19 July 2019

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The Moon travels into innovative Aquarius and the 9th House of science, dreams, religion, long journeys, and knowledge at 2:19 AM PDT on 17 July 2019. A focus on intellect over emotions is favored during this lunar period. Also in the 9th House, this may suggest a spiritual pursuit or perhaps a focus on the occult. Either way, the next few days promises new experiences. The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode/Quality — Mutable energies are in a weakened state suggesting energy that is erratic and unstable may be in effect for the next few days
  • Elements — Fire (will), Earth (physical), and Water (emotions) are in relative balance with Air (intellect) presenting the strongest influence
  • Rays — Interesting balance of Ray energy here with alternating influences. 1 is active, 2 is less so, 3 is influencing, 4 not so much and so forth suggesting will and intellect may take an organizational focus
  • Signs — Sister signs Cancer and Capricorn continue their compassionate and practical influence with Aquarius suggesting innovation and a progressive approach.
  • Houses — communication and higher learning are in focus with the strong presence of the 3rd and 9th Houses.

Aspects of the Moon

  • Opposition the Sun — Orb 5°28′ Separating — suggesting a conflict between emotions and ego. Receptive/projective polarity may suffer and both assertion, as well as empathy, may suffer.
  • Opposition Mercury — Orb 1°14′ Applying — indicates a difficulty with making decisions and a tendency to experience self-doubt
  • Square Uranus — Orb 6°20′ Applying — suggests inappropriate self-assertion
  • Sextile Ceres — Orb 0°30′ Applying — describes positive interactions with women in our life.
  • 7/17 — Human Design Gate 60 Line 4 Resourcefulness describes success in spite of limitations.
  • 7/18 — Human Design Gate 19 Line 5 Sacrifice suggests the choice to limit our potential for a greater purpose or goal.
  • Retrograde — Ceres (issues of self-nurturing), Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode), Mercury (disruptions in thinking, plans, electronics).
  • Lunar Phase — Full — Crone phase — relationships are in focus

Aspects of the Moon

We may be getting in the way of ourselves over the next few days with assertion at odds with compassion. However, with Mercury continuing its retrograde path, this really should come as no surprise. It may be best to simply take a time out if processing all of this becomes overwhelming.

Relationships with women in our lives may be positive but with Ceres’s retrograde influence, we may want to reflect or reevaluate any that might be troublesome. Remember that Mercury is already challenging our communications, so a reserved approach may be necessary until Mercury stations direct at the end of the month.

The Human Design gates provide a way forward this month with the I Ching influences of Resourcefulness and Sacrifice. As the Moon travels about, it changes Gates and Lines on a daily basis. Each day we have an opportunity to strike a better balance, both inner and outer, and the I Ching’s prescient viewpoint on life is profound.

The Moon’s interaction with the Gates and Lines appears to suggest that instead of allowing limitation to have a negative impact on success, the space exists over the next two days to make any limitations work to our advantage. Again, this may be a response to Mercury’s potentially chaotic retrograde influence.

Magickal Workings

Well, the Crone Moon is in effect tonight and I’ll be working some magick surrounding the preservation of relationships. I offered a bindrune for the Maiden phase as a reminder of who we are to each other and tonight I’ll drive that message home with some cord magick.

  • By the knot of one, my spell has begun — I’ve set the intention that harmony between others return
  • By the knot of two, my spell’s blessed true — this establishes the power and truth behind the working
  • By the knot of three, my power flows free — establishing my power to cast freely without any inhibition
  • By the knot of four, my intention stored — stores the energy in a container, visualized or present
  • By the knot of five, energy rising and alive — raises the energy to send the intention
  • By the knot of six, my intention fixed — now the intention is completely formed and ready to cast or send
  • By the knot of seven, my spell has leavened — the spell itself is ready to cast
  • By the knot of eight, I coalesce fate — I bring all energies into play to cast my intention
  • By the knot of nine, my desire mine — the spell is complete, it’s been cast, and I see it as complete

This above chant is from my own grimoire. I’ve modified it from other knot spells that I’ve found over the years to create my own intention. Knot magick can be as simple or as complex as the witch prefers. I can use a single cord for this working or I can use multiple cords tied together to create an energetic relationship. Either way, cord magick is a nice way to bring energies together for the final casting to the universe.

Final Thoughts

Relationships can be such a struggle when we seek to control the outcome. Given the retrograde energies in play right now, we may want to take the rest of the month to reevaluate and reassess how we relate to others. Mercury’s retrograde influence fosters communication challenges of all kinds but given that we all know that, it can also provide a time-out to think about our interactions with others, particularly when they can go so sideways. In other words, it’s not as if we won’t have a few examples to consider over the next two weeks.

Until next time…

Lunar blessings

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