Allowing A Greater Awareness Of Self

Using my Haindl Tarot deck, I drew the 2 of Wands as significator with the 8 of Cups, The Hierophant, and the 3 of Swords as the cards of influence for today’s tarot reading. Fire, Water, and Air are present along with one card from the Major Arcana. The 26th, 33rd, and 41st hexagrams from the I Ching provide influence as well as the rune, Raidho, and the overall numerology of the reading is 13, a Master Witch number or 4 if we reduce it further.

Dominion is the title Haindl gives the 2 of Wands. Two flaming tipped spears cross before an old stone monastery. Appearing abandoned, it tells us we can go no further, entrance is not possible. On the other side of the crossed spears, the perspective involves standing in one’s own power with balanced will and intention. It speaks of courage and a doorway to something new.

Its hexagram is 26 or the taming power of the great. The issue here is authority and power to live in service to the greater good or the tribe. A greater purpose is felt with the 2 of Wands in light of the hexagram. A preservation of long-held values that support family or community is possibly the real interpretation of this card. As significator, the 2 of Wands asks the question, what influences or perspectives contribute to or detract from living in service to the greater good?

Eight golden chalices appear topsy-turvy before an odd rock-like structure with dead logs scattered about. What appears to be a serpent is coiled around, drinking from the small pool below. Failure is the title of the 8 of Cups and suggests disappointment and the loss of material gain. The presence of the serpent suggests rebirth of sorts along with the notion that life is more about the process than the goal.

Hexagram, or gua, 41 it titled Decrease and indicates limited resources are available but that increase is around the corner if we let go of what no longer serves. So, although there’s emotional chaos or perhaps a change in abundance, the peace expressed by the serpent suggests that a positive future is still in store.

I love The Hierophant in the Haindl Tarot. Three generations appear on the card, Grandfather, Father, and Son. A key appears on the lower left just above an open book both representing the Torah while the light of Source Presence illuminates above. Raidho appears on the top right while the Hebrew glyph Vav, or nail, appears on the upper left. The astrological sign of Taurus the bull appears on the bottom right. The Hierophant suggests a calm presence, sage wisdom, and the mastery of knowledge, structure, and tradition. He is an enlightened Master who transmits hidden knowledge and Divine Wisdom to all.

The rune, Raidho, suggests the soul’s journey and the balance we strike between reaction and allowing. It reflects justice and order and finding one’s true purpose in life. Raidho reflects cyclical action, rhythmic and harmonious. The Hierophant observes more than he reacts knowing that true wisdom is found in alignment with Self.

Lastly, the 3 of Swords appears out of balance as three swords are separated by a tear falling from a wound. Mourning is its title and a separation is felt as two swords align together while a third stands off by itself. Betrayal and drama are represented by the downward directionality of the swords. Matter has conquered Spirit and our focus is lost to the ego. Understanding is possible if we allow the process to unfold, accepting reality as it is. It’s better to know that to be in the dark irrespective of the outcome.

The hexagram is 33 or retreat suggesting a time of respite and a sharing of experience in order that a weak position is transformed into a stronger one. Whatever trauma we experienced signified by the 3 of Swords, it’s clear that stepping aside the chaos is essential so that a new perspective is gained and we can move on to better experiences.

The answer to the significator’s question, what influences or perspectives contribute to or detract from living in service to the greater good, is clear. Allowing the process to unfold even when it means letting go of relationships or situations that are untenable reflects a willingness to let a greater purpose guide our choices. Tradition remains important so that the needs of the tribe are respected, but a balance is struck between ideas of the past and the promise of new experiences, found as we embrace the inner wisdom found in alignment with the Higher Self. And when challenges arise, they’re met with a dispassion necessary to again allow situations to unfold as they will, moving past what doesn’t serve, and embracing a more positive outcome.

The theme of this process is allowing. Humans become too involved in drama letting their reactions dictate the moment. When we allow, we become observers instead of players and it becomes easier to detach from the chaos allowing our inner voice as our primary guide. For the tribe to successfully endure, a shared experience of service to others is required. Required. In other words, it’s not an option. It can’t be about egos run amok but an understanding of and commitment to the greater good.

Donald, are you listening?

Originally published at on August 2, 2017.

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