A Vampire On The Loose

Jan Erickson
5 min readFeb 9, 2020


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My friends, we have a vampire on the loose. Lt. Col. Vindman and his twin brother were removed from their posts on the National Security Council in retaliation for Vindman telling the truth. Two lives disrupted because Individual 1 can’t stand that his schemes were revealed by a patriot. Well, patriots, if we consider the others.

But that’s the point. How many more people who have spent their lives in service to our country will either leave or be forced out simply for telling the nation the truth about the so-called president? The purging has begun and it won’t end until everyone who spoke up and spoke truth is ruined.

Because that’s what a vampire does. And for some reason, Republicans are hell-bent on accepting and supporting that fact.

It’s tough when the guy in the Oval Office is an energy vampire. As you may know, my empath nature prevents me from either watching or hearing this individual for more than a few seconds at a time. I am physically repulsed by his visage and his voice leaves me feeling terrified. Those who describe him as a malignant narcissist appear accurate because his energy flow is so purposeful and deceptive.

In my view, he uses mind-control on his supporters at every rally he holds and its effect is profound. Because that’s the funny thing about mind-control. Without repetition, it fades in the light of day…in the light of truth.

Without the endless rallies to reinforce HIS perspective his supporters might actually learn a thing or two and begin questioning their dear leader and he can’t have that. No. He must continue the barrage of demeaning and derisive attacks so that his people follow suit. In the process, however, they lose all individual sovereignty because at that point he controls everything they believe.

If as empaths we don’t establish our own boundaries and shield or remove our attention from vampiric energy, we’re left exhausted by it. The awareness of the vampire’s intention is strong and it’s a little like knowing a bomb is going to go off and the local bomb squad doesn’t believe you. In other words, we know what’s about to happen yet we can do nothing to stop it.

And now we come full circle. The impeachment happened but the Senate refused to do their jobs and send Individual 1 packing. I read something today that suggested his campaign staff all know he can’t win in November as his support dwindles but I’m not convinced that outside efforts won’t interfere to make it happen all over again.

And then what will we do?

I went to bed before the election was called in 2016 because I knew what was going to happen. Not only empathic but also intuitive as well, I had known for some time that Hillary, despite the numbers, wouldn’t win and I couldn’t face the prospects of someone with a constant level of vampiric intention in the White House.

Feeling drawn or pulled in to someone else’s energy flow is something that empaths must do everything possible to avoid. And when you have someone who repeats and repeats everything he says in a sing-song cadence, empaths need to run for the hills or risk losing themselves in an energetic flow so vampiric that they may be unable to find release.

Because I’m accustomed, sadly, to vampiric energy (yes, that’s a link to a book I wrote called, When Vampires Attack) I understand just how dangerous it can be. Vampires find me. They always have. Empaths or other highly sensitive people can be drawn in and captured in a sense because it can be difficult to discern just who’s emotions we’re experiencing.

If we become swept up in someone’s cadence, and if the words expressed are a lie, then empaths can find themselves believing all sorts of deception. It’s as if we merge energies and we’re unable to discern our own beliefs until we’re out from under the vampire’s thrall. And the guilt we may feel over losing our sovereignty and control is profound.

Since we’re all empathic in some manner it’s possible for anyone to become caught up in someone else’s game, the Holocaust alone a reminder of such. And it’s that same vampiric energy flow that I believe exists now and if we don’t step away from his devastating effect the resulting damage may be extensive.

I grew up with a predator. His energy was so vampiric that he literally dripped with predation. So, I know one when I see one. They’re eternally on the hunt for someone else to groom. It’s sickening to watch and even more sickening to experience.

The worst of this for me, though, is the fact that people still don’t understand the profound impact of a vampire’s attention. Enthralled, they willingly give up all reason and sanity to believe a message that is so easily verified as a lie, refusing to consider the simple truth that they’ve been conned by a master.

At the risk of sounding like I’m plugging my book, When Vampires Attack, I suppose I have no choice. Although there appear to be other issues that exist with Individual 1 that are as alarming as his vampiric behavior, learning just how vampiric energy presents could be important going forward. At least in terms of the urgency to act to take back our individual sovereignty and control.

In the book, I break down vampiric intrusion into categories to further explore how each type functions. In short, energy vampires ride on a shared continuum of behavior, including behavior that is sociopathic, narcissistic, or psychopathic. They all have an agenda and it’s always self-serving.

Sound familiar? It should.

Now that the gloves are off and the lies and derision are flying in all directions, the vampiric intention is out-of-control. It won’t end until we turn our attention away from it and to a commitment to repair the relationships, the vision, and the shared purpose he’s intentionally damaged so that he remains in power.

Divide and conquer, the vampire’s greatest strategy. Isolate your victim. Get personal. Get provocative. Align with their concerns. Reinforce their confusion. Take. Destroy. Rinse. Repeat. Before they know it, devotion sets in and the vampire has won. He owns them now. And they’ll do anything to prove their loyalty.

A vampire is on the loose and he’s sucking the life out of Americans and the world. See him for who he is. And then let him go.

Blessed Be


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