A Rare Full Pink Moon in Libra Shines on The Moon in Scorpio ~ 19–21 April 2019

We have a second and therefore rare Full Pink Moon in Libra at 4:13 AM PDT, just prior to the Moon moving into Scorpio and the 7th House of relationships at 5:41 AM PDT today, 19 April 2019. With yesterday’s release of the redacted version of the Mueller Report, a new balance may have been struck and this Libra Full Moon may offer the potential for at least some level of harmony in our understanding of what took place in the last presidential election. And with savvy Scorpio also providing some influence over the next lunar period, it’s unlikely that we’ll be persuaded by words alone. The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode ~ Cardinal or initiating energies dominate while Fixed or stable energies are in a weakened state suggesting that although we stand ready to face any challenges we encounter, we may lack the perseverance or stability to see a project through to its completion.
  • Element ~ Fire and Earth dominate reflecting our will and a focus on practical matters. Air and Water are less so with intellect and emotions evenly balanced.
  • Ray ~ The 1st (will/power), 3rd (active intelligence), and 7th (ceremonial order/magick) continue their primary influences suggesting achievement of goals in an organized manner.
  • Sign ~ Aries and Capricorn provide the strongest influences supporting initiating projects and having the discipline to see them through.
  • House ~ The 1st and 12th Houses dominate suggesting the energy of beginnings and endings while the 7th House indicates partnership concerns.
  • Quadrants ~ 1st, 3rd, and 4th Quadrants are in balance; Southern Hemisphere — public achievement is in focus.
  • Retrograde ~ Ceres at 14 deg Sag affecting nurturing self and others; Jupiter on 4/10 at 24 deg Sag fostering an inward focus.
  • Lunar Phase ~ Full Pink Moon at 29 deg Lib 06″ at 4:13 AM PDT 4/19/19


Scorpio is an intense sign. My youngest son is a Scorpio and he’s highly intelligent, perceptive, empathic, and driven. As a child, he was a bit dramatic, likely fostered by his empath nature. Initially, the Moon is in opposition with both the Sun (Orb 0°49′ Separating) and Uranus (Orb 2°19′ Applying) suggest imbalance. In the case of the Sun, it’s between will (ego) and emotion while an opposition with Uranus leaves us suspicious of our own emotional state, preferring an intellectual approach to one that involves intuition or feeling. Both of these aspects occur at the same time the Moon is in a friendly trine with Juno (Orb 2°19′ Applying). Juno involves compassion and nurturing self and others so it’s easy to see with the influence of our second Full Moon in Libra why relationships are in focus right now.

An aspect pattern known as a mystic rectangle also appears in the chart. Imagine a square with a large X inside. The mystic rectangle includes two sextile, trines, and oppositions and typically involve planets that are either Earth and Water planets or Air and Fire planets. I happen to have two Air/Fire mystic triangles in my own natal chart and they seem to provide a sort of relationship structure although it must be purposely maintained by the individual. The mystic triangle is somewhat rare but isn’t particularly difficult.

You can see two oppositions, two trines, and two sextiles in the above poorly drawn picture. (You should see my stick figures). The Ascendant is in Aries and the 1st House indicating active and purposeful energies focused on self-reliance. It’s in opposition with Pallas, in trine with Ceres, and in sextile with Mars. With Ceres, we feel a need to explore and feel nurtured by adventure and in trine with the Ascendant, our active energy is supported. A sextile with Mars fosters positive and engaging interaction with others while an opposition with Pallas provides us with problem-solving skills.

Ceres in opposition with Mars may indicate the need to balance nurturing over a single-minded focus. This is an example where an opposition requires continued attention so that a proper balance is struck. A sextile with Pallas challenges us to embrace our creative side, while Mars opposite Pallas reinforces our adventurous side.

So, what this mystic rectangle is describing is a foundation for not only action that is purposeful and adventure-oriented but also one that pursues balanced and harmonious relationships with others, particularly involving nurturing self and others. Relating this to what the country is currently experiencing appears to suggest that we’ll need to rely on such a structure in the days ahead to foster interactions that focus on the truth along with healing the divisions that have plagued us for the last few years.

Tonight’s Full Pink Moon in Libra restores balance and harmony, but the presence of the mystic rectangle indicates that it’s not a given, but a framework, if we’re only willing to engage with harmony and a greater purpose.

Magickal Workings

With the Full Pink Moon aligning with Friday, Venus, and Libra, let us all hold space for healing and restoration of any relationships that are in jeopardy or threatened. Let the Mother illuminate and guide our path forward as we drop resistance and reunite with our collective presence, our One Family, allowing all energetic channels to dissolve away, replaced by only love and light.

Blessings to all on this magickal night!

Originally published at https://www.imsteppingaside.com on April 20, 2019.



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