A New Permission Given

The impact of the guy in the White House has been blatantly apparent as he divides people in a way that seems permanent. In time many of his supporters will wonder how they got there, but I assure them, they went willingly. And no amount of revisionism will change that truth.

The permission given by this man’s very existence for people to behave as they choose has revealed an undercurrent of darkness that we suspected was there but seemed too distant for its effect to be felt. But feel it we have as it’s given people the ability to make a different choice…to leave others behind without so much as a word.

I read a comment the other day from someone who said that her family had ghosted her. It happened because she’s a liberal who prefers a president who doesn’t cage babies, but given that it’s her family, she’s understandably devastated. It doesn’t matter that they disagree. It matters that she’s no longer welcome.

In the past, we welcomed people into our lives with whom we disagreed all day long. We found common ground, laughed together, supported each other during difficult times, with our differences immaterial to the relationship itself.

However, a fundamental uneasiness has swept across our country, and now it’s become acceptable to hurt others in a smug, self-righteous attempt at emulating the behavior of a man with zero boundaries believing it to be a show of strength that means more than loving others ever could.

Those who take their cues from this man do so at their own peril because when the truth comes out about his real nature, many will not know what to do with the shame that they feel. Blame will be their first response, but again, they went willingly into the darkness, diving right off the cliff in support of their leader’s desire for hate and division.

They sought their answer, took their lead, from a predator who gave them permission to unleash their own predatory nature. Even those tasked with protecting us have left many wanting as they hear the predator’s call to action as he gives them permission to harm those whose safety they’re charged to protect.

He pardons a war criminal and a departing governor follows suit pardoning child rapists and murderers. After all, the governor did his own research in one case and since he discovered that the child’s hymen wasn’t broken, he decides the pedophile deserves to be released.

Some lunatics in Ohio believed their own research and passed a law requiring doctors to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy or face arrest for murder. Clearly, facts are no longer important…only how one feels about the issue. So what if what they believe is complete crap.

So, here we are. It’s Christmas Day, the snow is beginning to fall a little outside, with many of us mere ghosts in the wind. We’re the ones who didn’t buy into the lie and kept our heads about us. As much as it seems like we’ve turned a corner, there is still so much left to do to repair what’s been destroyed.

If we see 2019’s three energy as a year for alignment in truth, 2020 with its 22 energy as the Cosmic Builder promises a profound restructuring. The transition between 2016 (9) and 2017 (1) brought a sense of endings and beginnings; however, it’s clear in hindsight that the new beginnings experienced were not what his supporters believed.

Instead, we saw a new period of lawlessness begin, blatant and arrogant, all in plain sight. Those who understood what was happening not only did nothing to stop it, they appear to have put their full support behind the criminal takeover of our democracy.

But then 2018 began and the Master 11 energy brought the power of illumination into play. Efforts made by the dark forces were unable to prevent the truth from shining forth and as 2019 began, we were energized by its revelations. We knew then that we were correct to stand firm in what we all knew and it felt like an end might finally be in sight.

It took the entire year, but in the end, he was impeached. It was a given really, and as more truth is revealed, he may face even more impeachment charges while the Senate attempts to circumvent not only its responsibilities but to ultimately subvert justice itself.

I said in the beginning that it would be a woman (or women) who rights the ship and who will bring healing to the devastation brought by this man and his cohorts in crime. And yet, it appears easier for some to believe in a predator and scoff at the idea that women may be the answer.

We’ve been given a window into the devastating effect of predatory behavior and the permission it gives others to do the same. The oppression many have experienced will be firmly entrenched if hatred is all that’s left, the perceived power conferred upon his supporters a complete illusion.

We awakened in 2018, catalyzed that awakening over 2019, and we’re ready to build anew in 2020 having understood the real transition that took place between 2016 and 2017. This has been a timeline of awakening for all souls occurring over these last four years and as we move into the fifth year we are forever changed by its effect.

So, on this Christmas day…as we look forward to the coming year…what will we manifest? Will we give new permission for reunification and shared purpose or continued self-destruction?

Blessings of unity and shared purpose to all!

Originally published at https://www.imsteppingaside.com on December 25, 2019.



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