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A Controlled Demolition ~ Tarot for 17 Jan 2017

Change from within, a controlled demolition in lieu of change imposed by others, is suggested by today’s tarot reading. Three cards from the Major Arcana are present indicating archetypal influences are in play. The numerology is 4, 16, and 2, reducing to 22, the Master Builder number representing cosmic law and universal transformation and reinforces inner change that’s spiritually expansive.

Odin as The Emperor stands before Yggdrasil, the World Tree, a round globe in one hand symbolizing the material world, and a staff in the other, similar to that of the Empress. A pine cone appears at the tip of the staff suggesting spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. The Hebrew letter, Heh or window, and the rune, Ansuz are in the top corners. Odin gave us the runes after hanging upside down from Yggdrasil, and Ansuz is considered the rune of Odin, the mouthpiece of a god, representing inspiration and communication.

The Emperor is a wise and loving father, his authority based on reason and stability. He values order and boundaries, asserting both with benevolence and pragmatism. The Emperor reflects the strength and structure of the Yggdrasil, as supported by the card’s numerology of 4, Gaia or the energy of Mother Earth.

Irrespective of tarot decks, The Tower is always an interesting card. In the Haindl deck, he paints a modern expression of the Tower of Babel, an explosion visible on its side. A card of Mars, catalytic power is depicted with fire visible beneath an explosion that appears to come from within The Tower, as if a powerful realization has been made. The smoke is clearing, the damage clearly visible. The rune Yr in the upper right hand corner from the Younger Futhark is similar to Algiz from the Elder Futhark. As the rune of Higher Consciousness, Algiz promotes connection and awareness with Source Presence and protects us from harm, clearly suggesting that this apparent destruction is both purifying and necessary. But then awareness typically is.

The High Priestess is as varied in its expression as is The Tower, but always mystical and beautiful. In this card we see the Priestess with her hands diffuse and opaque with a larger globe covering her body. Her hair appears to rain downward from behind the globe onto a camel below, the Hebrew letter on the top left, Gimel, also representing the camel. The rune, Uruz, appears in the top right corner of the card representing courage, strength, and energy shaping form. As with the High Priestess, our will is enhanced with Uruz, a rune of Elemental Water, as we embrace change with both grace and determination.

Inner wisdom born from intuition and perception allows the High Priestess to understand that change is not only a constant but also inevitable. She is the Feminine Divine providing inspiration and revelation to all who seek her counsel.

There’s the expression, something’s got to give. We’ve gone as far as we can and it’s time to let go of what no longer works or serves. Clarity returns as the dust settles. Our will is strong, spiritual strength born of a loving foundation. After looking within, our awareness bursts forth, catalytic, ready for new experiences. We have a chance for rebirth and renewal and the will to see it through.

Embracing change within at times has a momentum or timetable of its own and we don’t always have the luxury of easing our way into it. But with the presence of both The Emperor and the High Priestess, this feels more like a controlled demolition of sorts. We’ve decided it’s time for a change, to move on to new experiences. Our inner light is seen by all and its catalytic presence burns away all the toxicity that has accumulated over time.

We can control the change we experience or we can give that control to others. And with the new guy giving us all a front row seat to his traveling circus, the idea of a controlled demolition seems…calm somehow.

Blessed Be

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