2019 Runecasting

2019 is here! I drew the runes shortly after midnight on the 1st and arranged them around a pentagram altarpiece. Ansuz begins the year at the top and we move clockwise from there, finishing out at Gebo in December. Here is the breakdown of the runecasting:

  • January ~ Ansuz ~ 4th rune, Air element, Odin’s rune, inspiration, communication, Higher Self, divinity within, divine message
  • February ~ Ehwaz ~ 19th rune, Water element, change, partnership, astral travel, journeying, reciprocity
  • March ~ Mannaz ~ 20th rune, Earth element, humanity, rational mind, integration with others, society
  • April ~ Nauthiz ~ 10th rune, Fire element, friction within, manifested will, concentrated focus, achieving goals, energy which shapes, positive change, Norn rune representing the future.
  • May ~ Uruz ~ 2nd rune, Water element, forming force, change, energy shapes matter, primal essence, strength, aurochs, endurance
  • June ~ Berkano ~ 18th rune, Earth element, fertility, Motherhood, family, birth, fruition, new beginnings, healing, birch
  • July ~ Fehu ~ 1st rune, Fire element, cattle, currency, sending energy, speed things along, attracts wealth
  • August ~ Isa ~ 11th rune, Water element, alignment, freezes things in place, ice, eogoic awareness, stillness, meditative focus, single focus, stasis, Norn rune of the present moment
  • September ~ Thurisaz ~ 3rd rune, Water element, Thor’s hammer, defensive action or posture, thorn, catalytic, change, protection, neutralizes harmful forces, stimulates
  • October ~ Wunjo ~ 8th rune, Earth element, joy, the wish rune, fellowship, peace, relationships, harmony
  • November ~ Hagalaz ~ 9th rune, Water element, Witch rune, controlled chaos or destruction, cosmic egg, Hella, protective, disrupts preparing the space for change to take hold. Norn rune of the past.
  • December ~ Gebo ~ 7th rune, Water element, balanced energy exchange, a gift, partnerships, marriage, link between forces

With the overall numerology of four, concerns over physical and emotional security, structure, and foundation appear to be dominating 2019. Emotions may be in flux throughout the year as Elemental Water is the strongest influence, followed by Earth (physical matters), Fire (will), and Air (intellect) respectively.

Communication is favored in January as Ansuz has Spirit informing our interactions with others, suggesting that our inner voice guide our decisions this month. Find inspiration in the feeling of a greater unified presence with all. With four is its numerology, allow some time for respite and meditation.

Ehwaz in February suggests that some change is afoot, perhaps involving a change in location or a focus on reciprocity with partners. A numerology of one suggests new beginnings of some kind, so keep emotions in balance and allow intuition to guide your path.

Relationships with others may be our focus during March with the societal influence of Mannaz and its overall numerology of two or balance. This month provides the time to reevaluate our interactions with others with an eye on striking a more equitable balance.

The manifestation of will is April’s theme with Nauthiz, another rune with the numerology of one and new beginnings. The Norn of the future governs this rune as we experience inner friction to manifest something new. This inner desire to create may find its roots in the influence of Mannaz from March as our manifested will may involve interactions with others.

Uruz brings the primal essence of creation to May, its forming force influencing Springtime’s growth. Winter has given way to Spring’s energy and vitality and we can use that to further on new projects began during April. With a numerology of two, this is also a time for healing and balancing of mind, body, and Spirit.

Healing and growth of all kinds are favored during June, a month filled with Mother Earth energy. Berkano’s energy of fertility influences growth and beauty as gardens begin to flourish and flowers are in full bloom. Gardens planted early may be showing signs of harvest in June, with lettuces, radishes, and spinach early producers. Given Berkano’s nine numerology, it’s also a time to bring projects to fruition. June is a time for family, with Berkano signaling the potential for the birth of a child or announcement of a pregnancy this month.

Fehu’s influence in July centers around continued growth and development of new projects, the garden you planted earlier, or relationships both new and old. With its numerology of one, Fehu provides the impetus for progress and the motivation to succeed. Money matters may also be a focus during July.

Isa asks us to keep our focus in the present moment during August, a good idea as the garden readies for harvest. We also may want to take a pause from Fehu’s influence from July and take stock of where we are and how things have been going, particularly if we’re involved in a new project, so that something important isn’t overlooked. A numerology of eleven suggests alignment with Higher Self or if reducing to two, maintaining a balance between Spirit and ego is favored this month.

In September, the catalytic energy of Thurisaz, a three numerology, may bring necessary change to our lives. However, we need to avoid impulsive action at this time and take a more defensive posture. We may be experiencing some opposition from others so whatever action taken needs to be grounded in truth. Something new may be on the horizon.

Harmony and joy are October’s focus with the presence of joyful Wunjo. This is a time to enjoy relationships with others and seek happiness and fulfillment from harmonious interactions. An eight numerology influences achieving a balance between Spirit and form and reinforces harmonious relationships.

November may bring some unexpected change, possibly a continuation of what we began in September, or it could be something else that’s been in the back of our minds. Hagalaz provides the space for change to occur and is considered a positive influence. It’s also considered a blessing rune, so there could be a marriage or marriage proposal this month, or the beginning of a new partnership of some kind. But whatever it is, Hagalaz overcomes obstacles and protects outcomes, and with its nine numerology, I feel a sense of completion here.

We end the month in balanced energy exchange with others as Gebo, with its seven numerology, rounds out our runic influences for 2019. If there was a marriage proposal last month, perhaps the wedding is this month. But if not, then at least we’ll experience balance in our relationships with others. Gebo also counsels us to maintain a balance between mind, body, and Spirit, something we can all use during the holidays.

When we began looking at the runecasting, it was clear that our interactions with others may be changing during the coming year suggesting an emphasis on balance and compassion. Given the volatility that we’ve been experiencing over the last several years, this is good news. Embracing Elemental Water’s power of reflection should keep us on the right path.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on January 3, 2019.




Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Jan Erickson

Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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